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The Institutional Biosafety Committee Services division of WIRB® provides biological safety review of recombinant DNA used in gene transfer research. Our submission form is provided in two parts. Please contact us to submit requests for review of preclinical or nonclinical projects.

For questions or assistance, please contact us at (360) 252-2850 or send e-mail to

Request for a RAC Registration Letter
This form serves to request Appendix M-I-A letters for NIH registration. There is a separate process (see forms below) to request final IRB or IBC approval for the study. If you already have an OBA/OSP number (format: YYMM-XXXX) you do not need to fill out this form; you will provide the number and the email with submission form B to IBCS.
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IBCS Submission Form - Part A
Part A initiates establishment of the IBC. It does not have to be resubmitted for additional protocols at the same institution unless the information has changed.
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IBCS Submission Form - Part B
Part B initiates work on protocol review. Each new protocol requires a separate Part B form.

IBCS Submission Form Part B
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IBCS Submission Form Part B: Review of Non-Clinical Project
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IBCS Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Report Form
Please contact IBCS at (360) 252-2850 for a copy of the Biosafety specific SAE adverse events report form. If you are trying to report an event to your IRB and not to your Biosafety Committee, please use Unanticipated Problems Reporting Forms found here .

IBCS Research-Related Incident (RRI) Report Form
Use this form for reporting a research-related incident or illness to your IBC.
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IBCS Change in Research Submission Form
Use this form for submit a change in research to your IBC.
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IBCS Information Sheet: "Modifications in rDNA Research"
This provides background on the IBC handling of "changes in research"—it is not the same as the IRB process.
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Sending the forms to IBCS

Please complete and return your form(s) to IBCS via e-mail, fax, or postal mail.

Institutional Biosafety Committee Services
A Division of WIRB
1019 39th Avenue SE Suite 120
Puyallup, Washington 98374
Fax: (360) 252-2820